Veronica and Rebecca Mason

About Us.


From a young age, you couldn’t find two sisters as different as Veronica and Rebecca Mason.

Veronica has always had to look up to Rebecca, literally, as Rebecca towers over her with a tall, lean athletic physique. Veronica, on the other hand is petite, with a trademark huge smile.

Rebecca is introverted and always, and still does, prefer to quietly read in her room without feeling the need for any social interaction. Veronica, on the other hand, always displayed an extroverted personality and had an energy that could not be contained. It was said said if there was an earthquake happening, Rebecca wouldn’t have noticed, whereas Veronica was more likely to have caused it!  

Despite these differences, one thing united the sisters - a love of creating stories.  To this day, Veronica continues to bounce into Rebecca’s room dragging her into a fantasy reality, like pretending to scale Mt Everest by climbing the backyard tree with rope. It was then up to Rebecca to make Veronica’s visions a reality, and get the rope.

Veronica showed strengths in in visionary, strategic long term thinking and diplomatic communication - she has the ability to smooth over any disagreement with a big smile. With Rebecca being legally blind, Veronica has always been the the one responsible for seeing not only tactical daily items [like boiling water for tea] but a sightly knack for seeing how things play out in the long-run. Her ability to see at a strategic high level, makes up for Rebecca’s loss of sight.

So naturally, Rebecca was able to focus on the minutae of detail, focussing on small things she could see and then implement them. She has a talent for processing information she’d found in books and using that knowledge to get Veronica’s ideas to succeed. Rebecca has always been a bit of a computer - she processes and digests information and creates an output with it.

Veronica used her unique talents in strategic thinking and problem solving to become a lawyer, focusing on advisory in some of the largest global corporations such as Google and the world’s largest law firm, Baker McKenzie. She graduated with Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at the University of New South Wales and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.

Rebecca turned her attention in excelling in tactical analysis becoming a master in planning and executing difficult marketing campaigns for consulting and financial institutions such as Macquarie Bank. She holds a Masters of Commerce and an Economics degree from the University of Sydney.

But the universe had different plans for the girls, and tapped them on the shoulder to redirect them. Both Veronica and Rebecca were faced with near death experiences that transformed their lives.

But despite these challenges, they have been able to find and create magic in their own lives and have dedicated themselves to helping corporations create meaningful connections by uncovering their own authentic story at The Mason Co.


When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.