The irony that Veronica had broken her back in the same spot as Rebecca would have to get operated on did not escape the sisters. Knowing they are an unstoppable force, Veronica resigned from her position as a corporate lawyer to look after Rebecca, determined to get Rebecca back to health as she knows a thing or two about near death experiences!

Veronica and Rebecca spent every waking moment with each other during Rebecca’s recovery and began to see they had the same realisation - they had both discovered through their own unique journeys how to bring magic into their everyday lives. They realised that the secret for happiness, wonder and contentment was simple, as Victor Frankl said,  in between response and stimuli is a choice. They realised that this was how they were both able to turn their lives around from being victims of circumstance, hardships and tragedies to grateful and being able to grow from these experiences.

Both Veronica and Rebecca have been delivering keynote presentations since.

Topic: Choice

Outcome: Resilience


Veronica and Rebecca focus on explaining how we can choose the outcome we desire, despite the circumstances being trying.


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