On February 3rd 2013 my life literally came to an end when I was overseas on a university excursion.  After falling over 3 metres in and sliding down a cliff face, I was faced with the choice whether to live or die. When I came to, and was transported back to Australia, I was told my back was broken and that I may never walk again. I was told I would never have a quality of life, live in chronic pain for the rest of my life and would “have to get used to it”. I thought me returning to university would never happen and that I would be the shadow of my former self forever.

Fast forward 6 years, I graduated with Honours Arts/Law at the University of New South Wales, completed a highly competitive internship at Google and was accepted into a prestigious graduate program at the world’s largest law firm, Baker McKenzie.  All of these achievements came to me because I changed my mindset from ‘this sucks’ to ‘how can I get the best out of this situation’.


Once I learnt how to walk again, I got stronger and stronger with every month and soon enough, I began to do other physical achievements unimaginable when I was lying in ICU and thought everything was over. This includes recently ocean swimming to raise money for cancer research, where I swam in the notorious Shark Island race and engaging in more unconventional moves, including the scorpion pose.


I am a qualified lawyer with over 10 years’ experience in the field working with organisations including Google, Baker McKenzie, and the Children’s Cancer Institute.

I have delivered motivational presentations to Qantas, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, American Express and Out for Australia amongst several other corporates.

I am currently an ambassador for The Pinnacle Foundation.

I write about my life and adventures on my website,